Soke Hatsumi interview

Hatsumi_Sensei_Toshitsugu_Takamatsu_300px_96ppiHello Ninja Fans,

Today I was going through some old notes and came across this Q&A session with Soke Hatsumi!

Q: In films, we see ninja using shuriken. Where did they get them ?

A: They made them themselves.

Q: You mean blacksmiths ?
A: Yes. Every ninja was adept at many “trade” skills. People normally think of metal throwing stars, but just about anything can be used as shuriken. Like these. (Draws out his business card.) It seems flimsy, but it flies. Go on try it. (Throws a few at the audience.) And the corners can take out an eye. I was once arguing with my wife and got upset. I picked up a card and threw it at her. She ran around a corner to escape, but it followed her. It hit her in the eye. And my wife has bad eyes. I felt bad and decided that I would never take out my anger on her physically again….Anything with four corners will fly. Attach some needles to the corners of your business card and dip the tips in poison. It becomes a very effective weapon.

So what did you learn from this short piece? Here are a few things I took away:

1) A ninja was adept at many skills and very self reliant by doing so

2) Weapons can be made from the simpliest items

3) A ninja thinks outside the box

4) Don’t act out of anger with your skills

5) Many things can be utilized as a shuriken

So, now what did you learn from this short piece?? Comment back my friends.


Bufu Ikkan

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