Soke Hatsumi Wisdom

“You have to go all the way, be totally immersed in order to know the full truth or power of a thing. It is like the drunk’s experience of being delightfully intoxicated. There is something so pleasant, so thoroughly wonderful in a complete and fully total experience of the thing” – Soke Hatsumi

Can you remember some of the best moments of your life and or training? I can , and I am sure can as well. What is truly fascinating is that these best or most memorable moments are when we have let go and are living totally immersed in the moment. Now this is not an easy thing to achieve and can be a core tenant in most Buddhist teachings, so go about your next training session being totally Immersed in the moment, feel, breath, taste, touch, visually and hearing all that is going on around you. It can be intoxicating and somewhat overwhelming so be ready to deal with the emotional content you will be taking in.

So go out and try to live in the moment!

Bufu Ikkan

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