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Beyond Motivation!

Saturday, January 9th, 2016


If you are a frequent visitor here and on the Facebook page, you should know that I often write about motivation, to help inspire us all to achieve more than we think we are capable. Motivation is somewhat lacking in our society, too often people are swayed by negative motivational thoughts and have a difficult time pushing themselves to achieve more.

Now motivational words, pictures and videos are a great tool to help us, but there is something beyond motivation that even more individuals lack, and that is DISCIPLINE!

A key in becoming successful in whatever endeavor you are aspiring to, is being able to recognize that life is tough and will beat you down if you let it. Yet, staying the course, putting in the time and effort necessary to make small improvements in a consistent manner is where motivation becomes a shadow to pure discipline. You need to do things you don’t like, don’t want to, that hurt, or put you in an uncomfortable zone or position, yet you do them anyway no matter who is watching or not. Any ninja of old would put many of us to shame with the disciplined life and training they lead. Knowing you had to be able in a moment’s notice utilize your skills to protect yourself or loved ones pushed individuals hard, but the benefits were great as well. Look at the great warriors, leaders and athletes of yesterday and today and you will find that Discipline was what made them great.

I push myself hard, I also push my students, employees, and family to do more than they think they are able to, but yet I will be right there beside them. They laugh at me when I am up at 5:15am, in 15 degree weather, and go for a 5K run in the dark (actually they think I’m crazy) but then on the other hand they will complain that they can’t lose weight! I tell them straight out, I don’t want to get up early run or workout, but if I don’t push myself no one will do it for me.  Discipline is tough, it takes effort, and motivational material helps to keep you moving forward, but again that is not the “secret sauce” in your training or life success, it is Discipline.

Each day when you wake up, put a conscious effort into a disciplined regime of training and learning, and after each session you will feel the satisfaction of what you just accomplished. Revel and enjoy it, that is what will drive you further.


This year you may see the following saying in the posts and article here, as it is my mantra for 2016

Do the things that others will not do in order to have or be the person they will never be!

In order for this to succeed in our lives, we must embrace discipline.

Bufu Ikkan