The Eyes Have it, II

Ninja EyesWell. I have had some great comments on the counter surveillance and “the eyes have it” posts so here is a bit more on the subjects!

1)      Eyes Up and Left: remembered imagery

2)      Eyes Lateral Left: remembered sounds, words, and “tape loops

3)      Eyes Down and Left: Internal dialogue, or inner self-talk

Now what about the counter surveillance tip? This one comes directly from the field (No I won’t tell you where!) Look for Busy eyes! It is not a normal phenomenon to have your eyes wandering continuously, checking things out etc. It could easily be a sign of someone who is out of place and or up to something not of a good nature. Now this tip goes both ways, as you should be taking in everything around you, but do it in a manner that utilizes “wide angle” perception. Taking in a wide field and then sorting what is relevant to you, The casually moving or focusing your attention on something or someone in a discrete manner.

Surveillance and Counter surveillance tradecraft skills need constant practice in order for you to become proficient, so get going and don’t become the strange guy staring at everyone!(LOL)

Bufu Ikkan

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