Trust Your Instincts 2

Trust your Instincts 2

Recently, I was discussing passing the godan (Sakki) test way back in 1996 with a close friend and student of mine, and I had to reflect upon how most people do not utilize their instincts in everyday situations. (Note: Passing the Godan test audio and PDF are up in lesson 2 for members to download)

The Sakki test is just that a test of detecting and reacting to that feeling of a killing force,  almost a true method to see if an individual will and can trust his instincts. Now this is not only found within the martial arts but in amny other disciplines as well. It is well documented and discussed how Special Forces operators often related that the just “felt” or “Knew” something was wrong or was about to happen, and acted upon it immediately. Even within the realm of sports, a football receiver knew that he had to be in the right location for the perfect catch. What you don’t think it applies to business as well? How about Donald Trump, he is often quoted as telling people he just followed his gut instinct on a business deal.

(In a special bonus added to the members lessons there is material on how to help coax and develop the beginnings of this ninja instinct that needs to be heightened in your training.)

Another Japanese word that is strongly tied to hara or haragei is zanshin. Zanshin is an -awareness that precedes the imminent attack that haragei warns you of. A martial artist should be in the condition of zanshin before and after a technique.

In the world today there is definitely an amount of unrest. Even in places that seem stable on the outside, there is always the potential for possible chaos and instability. Soke Hatsumi recently spoke about the fact that within our art, awareness is a big part of what we do and what we are trying to cultivate. This skill allows a ninjutsu practitioner to see beyond the surface, so that you are aware of the potential for possible problems before they are manifested visiblely.

This concept is called Banpen Fugyo (“a thousand changes, no surprise”). Although all around you the world  is constantly, your awareness and a trust in your instincts, honed through practice to the point that nothing is surprising and that  you are not surprised when something happens to you. As a ninja, you  have developed an awareness that lets you see things as they develop, as a progression of where things are now, to where they potentially could be.

Just a few points to consider in your training and development, in the members lessons are several courses on how to continue to develop your awareness and instincts to high levels.

Bufu Ikkan

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