Wisdom of Takamatsu

Hatsumi_Sensei_Toshitsugu_Takamatsu_300px_96ppi“Takamatsu Sensei used to tell me(Soke Hatsumi) that it is a fortunate thing that I am in connection with some divine force in the universe. I accept this mystery for what it is. I believe that such things can and do exist in the world of human beings. If such connections are used wrongly, or are taken in a wrong direction, they can become destructive things. Such abuse would be a form of heresy. Hold on to your pure and straightforward heart, Takamatsu sensei used to tell me. To obtain such a heart, the basic requirement is ninpo taijutsu training. From there, you go on to enlightenment.”

A question to you all: Have you done your daily ninpo taijutsu practice today?

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the ninja lifestyle.”

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